MDC Foundation Newsletter

June 2016

Portrait photo of Timothy E. Johnson

Donor Timothy Johnson

Community college provides Tim Johnson a good life, so he helps others soar to new heights.

Tim Johnson understands the value of a community college education, how it can shape your life’s path and give you the ability to pay your good fortune forward.

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Portrait photo of Nicole Golden

Donor and Alumna Nicole Golden

Nicole Golden says The Honors College was her pathway to success. Now she provides the golden opportunity of education for others.

Philanthropy means giving to a cause for the greater good of the community, and that means more than money. It means giving your time and talents.

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Portrait photo of Jesus Martinez

Student Scholar Jesus Martinez

"A scholarship means a lot to me because I struggle to pay for my tuition and books at times."

A scholarship allowed Jesus Martinez to focus on his Miami Dade College studies, developing a strong academic foundation and powering his success.

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2016 Frances Wolfson Art Scholarship recipients

Frances Wolfson Art Scholarship

The notion that it’s too late to do anything never seemed to cross the mind of renowned artist Frances Wolfson.

Already established as a civic and cultural leader in South Florida, Wolfson launched what would become a celebrated art career at 56. Her paintings and talent were known worldwide. Today, her legacy in the art world lies in supporting generations of artists long after her passing in 1980.

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