Alumni Newsletter

May 2016

Portrait photo of Christopher Korge

Christopher Korge, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Political Activist

Inducted into the Miami Dade College Hall of Fame in 2013, Christopher G. Korge is a committed philanthropist and an innovative entrepreneur. Korge holds an Associate in Arts from Miami-Dade College and upon receiving the highest honor bestowed upon MDC alumni, Mr. Korge commented,“Miami Dade College for a long time was the best kept secret; people did not know the impact is had on individuals’ lives. For me, it was a bridge from high school to college, I found MDC to be challenging and innovative.”
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Opening of the Idea Center

Innovation Based On Workforce and Market Needs

Over the last few years, entrepreneurship has seen explosive growth in Miami. Ever at the forefront, Miami Dade College launched The Idea Center as an “Industry-agnostic ecosystem of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship for MDC students.” The Idea Center offers classroom education, professional development opportunities, and experiential learning programs to MDC students and the community at-large.
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Hall of Fame award trophies close up photograph

Alumni Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame Awards was held on Tuesday, April 26, 2016, at the Hilton Miami Downtown. More than 900 alumni and guests attended to celebrate our twenty-three distinguished alumni for their stellar professional accomplishments, and help raise essential student scholarship funds.Congratulations to our 2016 Hall of Fame Inductees!
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Group of students volunteering

Community Engagement

Seeking alumni volunteers! Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center, along with members of the Haitian Philanthropy Coalition, is seeking volunteers to support their Haitian Philanthropy Tele-marathon on May 31, 2016. Join fellow MDC alumni and friends in answering phones and taking donor pledges to help Haitian-Americans in South Florida.
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